New Water Tank

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 1 Aug 2021 11:22

Position: Alongside RSAYS, Adelaide
Wind: calm  Sea: calm  Swell: nil
Weather: mostly sunny, cool

The main achievement for this week, apart from continuing some painting on deck in between the wet weather, has been the commissioning of a new 60 litre water tank located in the keel under the engine. I originally installed this tank as a grey water tank but never found the need to connect it. However, now with Sylph’s next (hopeful) voyage in mind, having a bit of extra fresh water will be much more useful than temporarily storing some wastewater from the galley. Sixty litres isn’t very much but it all adds up, bringing Sylph’s total water tankage to 340 litres.

A rain catcher of some description will also be very handy.

All is well.