Spreader repaired

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 6 Sep 2021 11:51

Position: Alongside RSAYS, Adelaide
Weather: mostly sunny, mild

Today we got the repaired spreader back. Now I need to paint it and then refit both spreaders to the mast. Once that is done we will be ready to re-step the mast. If all goes according to plan that will happen early next week.

Another important matter in progress to get ready for the next voyage is obtaining the appropriate paperwork to take Oli with me. Unfortunately I don’t think the Department of Agriculture has ever had a single-handed sailor ask them for permission to take a cat with them on a non-stop around the world voyage. Their reflexive response appears to be to say no. As usual with most adventurous activities it is the bureaucracy that is perhaps the most challenging and frustrating obstacle to be overcome. Regardless, I have no intention of leaving Oli behind.

All is well.