Heavy Weather Preps

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 9 Aug 2021 10:48

Position: Alongside RSAYS, Adelaide
Wind: calm  Sea: calm  Swell: nil
Weather: sunny and mild

Odd jobs continue with our next voyage in mind. I am working on new storm boards that will be easier to ship and unship and when shipped will make the companionway more watertight. I have also bolted down the cockpit seats so they cannot come adrift in heavy weather.

This coming weekend we have been invited to participate in a single hander’s race which I am looking forward to. There are only four boats involved and the contest will no doubt be very uneven with two relatively light modern boats and two older heavier boats, one of which is of course Sylph. Nonetheless I am sure it will be sailed in good camaraderie and will be fun.

All is well.