Lousy Night, Great Morning

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 12 Jun 2008 16:54
Noon Position: 44 41.0 N 060 13.5 W
Course: Northeast Speed: 4.8 knots
Wind: West Southwest, gentle breeze
Weather: Clear skies, sunshine, good visibility, cool
Day's Run: 106 nm

It was a lousy night last night; foggy, lumpy seas, not much wind, and it
was cold, but it is going to get colder yet so I guess I had best get used
to it. The sea temperature is down to 3.5 degrees C (that's about 38F I
think), no morning swims for me. This morning the wind has swung into the
west and blown the fog away, bringing clear skies and sunshine. The
forecast is for a gale this evening from the northwest so will have to make
the most of the nice weather while it lasts. Broke a lazy jack last night
(these keep the bunt of the mainsail on the boom when lowering the sail or
reefing) so this morning I used the fair weather to repair, up the mast
twice before breakfast. Used the sunshine to air towels and bedding and
took the opportunity to have a cockpit shower. Very refreshing.
I'll keep this entry short, not much to say and the sun is shining so I'd
rather be on deck doing stuff then sitting below typing. Think I will take
the sewing machine in deck and make a Canadian flag. I thought I had one
but when I dug it out a few days back it was somewhat tattered so I had best
make a new one.

Bob Cat:

I've had my suspicions about this guy I've been entrusted with, I was
enjoying some sunshine on the patio and he starts spraying water everywhere,
mostly over himself thank goodness, definitely weird.