Photos - Tukunoshima

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 12 Feb 2014 04:37
Entrance into Kenetuko Ko/ Tukunoshima Town:
m_Japan2 078
Sylph alongside:
m_Japan2 086
Another small boat harbour, one of many:
m_Japan2 079
More walls (maybe this will become a common sight as sea levels rise):
m_Japan2 080
Bull ring:
m_Japan2 094
and bull:
m_Japan2 095
and me (trying to look nonchalant):
m_Japan2 097
Catholic church, congregation: 1:
m_Japan2 098
Traditional store house (above ground in the roof to avoid rats etc.):
m_Japan2 101
Bamboo boat; very leaky and wet, but high tech steering for such a small vessel:
m_Japan2 102
On passage – becalmed:
m_Japan2 108
Very calm:
m_Japan2 111