Clear At Last

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 7 Jun 2008 18:40
Noon Position: 41 01.0 N 068 44.4 W
Course: East North East Speed: 4.7 knots
Wind: East, gentle breeze
Weather: Overcast clearing, patches of fog, cool

Clear at last. It took a while and I was starting to wonder just how long
we were likely to be caught up in the currents swirling around the Nantucket
Shoals. Yesterday afternoon I hoisted the drifter with the mighty kangaroo
emblazoned across the bunt. This managed to keep Sylph moving and
maintaining her heading but we were still too slow to avoid being at the
mercy of the tidal streams which race around the shoals hereabouts. I
hoisted the mainsail late last night for about an hour but the breeze was
just a tease and I had to drop it again to avoid chafe. At 2.15 this
morning I tried hoisting it again and this time the breeze held steady
enough to keep the sail drawing and, despite being pushed north and south by
the tide as it rushes in and out of the Gulf of Maine and Bay of Fundy, we
are getting to where we want to go. Our track looks a lot like a sine wave
oscillating about our base course, which I guess is just what it is come to
think of it.

All is well.

Bob Cat:

The weather has improved markedly thank you very much, actually tried the
patio out for a while for a bit of sun. Quite nice. Now excuse me, I have
work to do.