Middle Percy Island

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 7 Sep 2013 01:37
Position: 21 39.20 S 150 14.58 E
At anchor West Bay, Middle Percy Island
Wind: East sou’ east, F3 moderate breeze
Weather: mostly sunny, mild
Day’s Run: 103 Nm

We made excellent time overnight, arriving at West Bay, Middle Percy Island just as the blush of earliest dawn's rosy fingers were starting to appear over the island; so that worked out well. There were a couple of other boats at anchor here on our arrival, but there was plenty of room and as there was sufficient light to be able to see them and the shoreline clearly, we continued under sail to anchor in the southern end of the bay. After a bite of breakfast, I got my head down for a little and, on arising at about ten o’clock, I stuck my head up for a look around and was disappointed to see that the other yachts had departed, so we have the anchorage all to ourselves.

There is a bit of a swell wrapping around the headlands of the bay causing Sylph to move around a little, again not too bad, but later this afternoon, when the five meter tide goes out, and the anchor cable is that much easier to haul in, I will probably weigh and see if we can move a little closer to the shore, and perhaps find a more comfortable spot.

All is well.