Front Past

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 18 Aug 2011 04:35

Position: 10 miles south-east of Eden
Course: south-east, Speed 4 knots
Wind: South 4 moderate breeze
Weather: overcast, showers clearing

After a night snugly at anchor in an aptly named cove and a 10 hour sleep, I awoke feeling well refreshed and welcomed the morning's weather forecast. The front had clearly passed through over night, the wind had eased considerably and conditions looked good for continuing on our way; not perfect, with some headwinds to contend with, but tomorrow if we make it around the south-east corner of Australia and into Bass Strait hopefully we will be rewarded with some easterly winds for our trouble and at this time of year down this way one has to make the most of a favourable breeze.

Having weighed these weighty matters up, at 11 we weighed, hoisted sail to the light breeze and headed back out to sea.

All is well.