Alongside RSAYS

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 10 Nov 2021 08:57
Position: 34 46.5 S 138 29.4 E
Alongside RSAYS
Weather: sunny, mild
Day’s run: 16 nm

The wind faded for a little while but by late forenoon it started to freshen and veer into the south so that by mid-afternoon we were running wing-on-wing, making good a steady six knots and the fresh breeze had us back at the Yacht Squadron at 1520. We initially pulled up at the fuel dock to top up fuel tanks then continued back to Sylph’s regular berth. Once Sylph was tidied up John and I adjourned to the local pub to enjoy a final meal together and then a quiet night on board.

This morning John helped me to unload some items that will be excess to requirement for the upcoming voyage, in particular the dinghy and the V-berth mattress. Leaving the mattress behind will make it easier to access the storage area under the V-berth which is a significant amount of space and will be needed for the all the stores I have yet to bring on board. I have started storing ship for the voyage but still have a lot to do.

Once we had loaded the dinghy and the mattress onto the trailer that John had brought with him for the purpose, and a few other sundry items, John and I made our farewells. I think we both have mixed feelings about how our short voyage went. We did not achieve our goal of making Whyalla and we ended up simply sailing over old territory. Nonetheless it was good to catch up.

All is well.