Weekly Progress Report 27 – Stil l more fiddly bits

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 6 Sep 2020 02:56

Again, there is not much to show for this week’s efforts, with more wiring and plumbing (both water tanks are now installed and reconnected), as well as some fancy cabinet work, at least fancy for me, and varnishing taking up the week. Meanwhile Kate has finished her first lap around the topsides with the orbital sander. Now its my turn to repair and fair the dings and bumps before Kate does a second lap with a finer grade sandpaper and then the first coat of undercoat.

I am hoping that by the end of this week we will have some photos of the new saloon furniture mostly installed.


Fitting the fiddly fiddle rail around the engine box seat:


And the electrical hub:


All is well.