Shoreside Week Two

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 10 Jul 2022 12:20
Position: Alongside RSAYS, Outer Harbour, Adelaide
Weather: mostly sunny, cool

While waiting for the engine block and head to be reconditioned, I have been attending to a number of boat chores, namely cleaning the bilge, shifting stores to allow the return of Sylph's accommodations to more comfortable arrangements, and repairing the port cockpit rail.
On Friday night the Squadron had Lisa Blair as a guest speaker. Lisa had recently completed a single-handed circumnavigation of Antarctica, setting a new speed record of 93 days. It was an interesting talk and I can only say that it is not a feat I would wish to emulate. Certainly Sylph is not going to be breaking any speed records anytime soon.
And Oli would appear to have settled back into life on board Sylph as the resident ship's cat.
Jobs for this week are to do some painting, continue sorting out Sylph's internal arrangements, and maybe getting the forestay off.
All is well.