Approaching Wilsons Promontory

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 24 Jul 2012 05:21

Noon Position: 39 05.0 S 146 08.0 E
Course: South-east Speed: 2 knots
Wind: North F2 slight breeze
Weather: overcast, mild
Day's run: 64 Nm

We weighed anchor again at 4.30 pm, just after slack water, motored clear of the shoreline then drifted out of Westernport with the ebbing tide. In an act of optimism I had initially set some sail but for the most part there was so little wind that our bow wandered around aimlessly, the sails limp in the still air, with only the current pushing us in the direction we wished to go. By this means we cleared the heads a little after 8 pm where we found a light breeze beginning to fill in sufficient for the wind-vane to be able to hold a course so we headed off to the south-east, silently slipping along at a steady 2 ½ knots.

Towards midnight the breeze filled in a little more and had us making up to 6 knots for a while but by mid morning the wind had dropped off again and now we are under drifter alone as the other heavier sails were slatting and chafing in the light breeze and slight swell. We are getting close to Wilsons Promontory, the wind is filling in a little again so I reckon I will go and set the main and with a little luck in another few hours we will be round the bottom most point of mainland Australia.

All is well.