Tarifa, Spain

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 15 Sep 2009 12:13
Position: 36 00.40 N 005 36.37 W
At anchor off Tarifa, Spain
Wind: South west, fresh breeze .
Weather: Overcast, mild, occasional showers

We sailed to anchor at 3.30 p.m. Once secure and dinghy launched I rowed over to visit a nearby catamaran to obtain some local knowledge. They were locals so were wealth of information: no formalities required; I was fine where I was anchored; watch the weather - wind blows in two directions, east or west, when it switches to east move; free wi-fi connections available ashore.

Since then have been ashore, a pleasant village, but a lot of tourists. Here is a poem I wrote yesterday of my first impressions:


Peering through open doorways,
Past ornate tiled hallways,
Tantalizing glimpses
Of open courtyards small within.

Billboards of toreadors
Walled city, archways galore
Old within, new without
Stone forts, turismo wander:

Young thonged feet,
Sandy, skimpy clothes,
Long shorts, T-shirts,
Dreadlocks, smoking, ragged airy looks;

Or older neatly trousered,
Polo shirted, money belted
Packs small upon backs.
Clean, shaven, crisp.

Winding narrow streets
No Hummers rumbling here
Rather the high pitch squeal
Of a scooter screaming up a hill

While in an open plaza,
Small children kick a football
- the round kind.

All is well

Bob Cat:

I heard the anchor chain rattle out the hawsepipe yesterday, and skipper Bob left the boat for awhile, so I assume we are at anchor. It still seems a bit rolly to me, less than ideal, still we make do . . . Zzzzzzz.