Picking Up

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 28 Dec 2015 21:16
Position: 35 21.3 N 121 36.3 W
Course: South East Speed: 6 knots
Wind: North West, F6 strong breeze
Sea: moderate Swell: North West, 2 meters
Weather: mostly sunny, cool
Day's run: 68 nm

The wind abandoned us last night leaving Sylph drifting on a small and popply sea. I tried the drifter for a bit, but there was not even enough wind for that, so I handed all and we drifted for much of the night, with low clouds blotting the sky and the odd shower washing over us.

At four this morning the wet flag limply lifted to a light breeze. There was still some drizzle but sick of drifting I donned foul weather gear and hoisted sail. The wind gradually filled in from the north west and now Sylph is churning along, double reefed, wing on wing, with rows of white cresting waves steeply following, and a champagne wake bubbling and streaming.

All is well.