The Plan, Mk 2.

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 3 Apr 2014 13:04

Alongside Fukuoka
Weather: overcast, showers, mild

This morning Muramoto san and his friend, Kouichi san, came to pay be a visit. Muramoto, or Thom, came to help me sort out repairing the wind vane. After a lot of measuring, discussion, consultation of the internet, and some ringing around, Thom has sourced a new stainless steel tube for me that should arrive here at the marina tomorrow. This means I should have Sylph ready to sail again by Monday. Hooray!

I also consulted Thom about my future plans for sailing Japan and he thinks my idea of sailing up to Hokkaido is sound. I think he thinks that sailing the Inland Sea is too dangerous for me, as it is full of ships, fishing boats, fish nets, and fish farms. After my recent run in with the fishing net I am inclined to agree with him. I also feel the need for a longer sail. Island hopping is fun and interesting, but I find that after a while it starts to wear me down, I feel jaded, and just want to feel Sylph moving over an ocean again. The hop up to Hokkaido should fill that need until we are ready to push off across the North Pacific towards Alaska.

So the plan I am working on is to sail over to the Republic of Korea later next week, spend about a week there, then sail back to Japan to Fukuoka, clear back in, then sail north and explore the west coast of Honshu and Hokkaido.

Tomorrow's more immediate plan towards making the above happen is to visit the US and Korean consulates to see about visas.

Thank you Thom for you help and for your company.

All is well.