Continuing North

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 21 Jun 2019 03:07

Noon Position: 33 30.33 S  151 33. E
Course: North East.  Speed: 6 knots
Wind:  WSW.  F4. Moderate breeze
Sea: moderate. Swell: SE 2 meters
Weather: sunny, mild

Overnight the southerly change came through. I lay sleeplessly in my bunk waiting for daylight so that we could make use of it, which in turn meant I slept in until the alarm went off at 07.00. I got dressed, made a cup of tea and slipped the mooring at 07.45.  Sylph reached out through the Heads with a reef in the main, and she was soon heading north, running before the fresh sou’ westerly breeze. The breeze is forecast to freshen further during the day with a strong wind warning out, so we should make good time up the coast.

Just on midday we were overflown by a small grey helicopter.  It called us on VHF, identifying itself as ‘Rescue Helicopter 206’, and wanted to know whether we had accidentally activated an EPIRB.  I checked all three of them and confirmed they were secured and off and advised that they were all registered with AMSA (they were asking about an EPIRB that was unregistered). They continued on their way and were last heard checking a nearby landfill. The ready availability of EPIRBs is a great thing for the safety of mariners; however, as they become more numerous, undoubtedly false alarms are likely to become more of a problem.

And Kate has just handed me today’s menu:


Beef and bush tomato snag roll
      w. bacon
   homemade caramelised onion relish
      + rocket
   on seeded bun.
                      GF (V option)

Add cheese?



Peking Duck breast
w. red currant & lime jam
galette potato
   snow peas and parsnip
                       GF (V option)

Add Avocado?


All is well.