Great Day's Run

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 2 Jul 2008 23:08
Noon Position: 58 05.0 N 051 20.0 W
Course: North Speed: 6 knots
Wind: Southeast, moderate breeze
Weather: Overcast
Day's Run: 160 miles

We continue to make excellent ground to the north, the last 24 hours we
covered 160 miles, I haven't had such a good day's run since crossing the
Indian Ocean back in 2002, where Sylph's record, during my period of tenure
thus far, was two consecutive daily runs of 164 miles. We must be starting
to pick up the Greenland current already. Tomorrow we will be approaching
the bottom end of Greenland, but well to the west of it so as to avoid any
ice which is common around Kap Farvel, also it is a more direct route to
Nuuk, our intended first port of call. I am monitoring ice reports via SSB
weather fax and will close the Greenland coast where there is a suitable gap
in the ice. I haven't checked today's report yet, apparently sea ice can
change quite rapidly but Nuuk is well north and is ice free all year round.
The days are long and the twilight is getting brighter and lasts all night,
which is good as this will help me to see any icebergs that may lie in our
path. The forecast is for a strong gale on the 4th, I expect we will be in
amongst the icebergs by then, a good way to celebrate Independence Day. If
it's not too rough I'll let off a few skyrockets.

Bob Cat:

Just when I thought things were looking good my abode starts rocking and
moving all over the place again, making life's daily necessities a real
chore. Nonetheless I've found a good spot on the settee to work. Where
there's a will there's a way.