Departed Bahia Tongoy

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 7 Dec 2010 22:37

20.00 Position: 29 27.0 S 071 50.0 W
Course: 350 Speed: 6 knots
Wind Sou’ west F4 Moderate Breeze
Weather: Sunny, mild
Days Run: 57 miles

We had planned for an early start this morning and Martina was up and preparing breakfast a little after six, but when the grumpy old skipper got up and looked around he decided the lack of wind precluded any need to hurry so it wasn’t until 10 that we finally weighed anchor and got underway, sailing out of the bay against a light northerly. As we approached Punta Lengua de Vaca, the headland at the bay’s entrance, the wind faded for about half an hour before filling in fresh from the southwest, which then had us romping away broad reaching to the north with a reef in the mainsail. We have since been doing better than six knots though as evening approaches the wind is starting to ease a little. We are hoping to make a secluded little Caleta by tomorrow evening but with some 110 miles still to go we will need the wind to remain fresh overnight if we are to make it.

All is well.

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