Delaware Bay

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 14 Jul 2007 17:55

Apparently yesterday’s report didn’t get posted so here is a resend:


Position:  39 33.6 N  75 33.6 W

Course: South-east, Speed: 8 knots

Wind: Southwest 12 knots.


A nice breeze filled in late yesterday afternoon and took us all the way up the end of Chesapeake Bay but by 1 a.m. staying alert was proving difficult so we anchored just short of the Chesapeake Delaware Canal.  This morning we weighed and motored through the canal, making a short stop for fuel and water, our last opportunity to do so for some time.  We were clear of the canal at midday and, hoisting sail, were shortly thereafter rewarded with a small breeze from the south, which soon freshened and veered into the south-west allowing us to ease sheets and now we are making good time towards the mouth of Delaware Bay and the open ocean.

Paul is learning the ropes rapidly and is up on deck steering (with his foot even) between the marks and keeping the sails nicely trimmed.  This evening we hope to be clear of Cape May and will be able to turn our bows northwards for cooler climes.