Day Two - Wind Easing

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 16 Dec 2021 02:25
Noon Position: 37 03.6 S 138 57.3 E
Course: SE Speed 2.5 knots
Wind: NE F2 Sea: slight
Swell: SW 1 meters
Weather: Sunny and mild
Day's Run: 115 nm sailed, 80 nm made good.

Overnight we have enjoyed a very pleasant sail, albeit still working against light headwinds. This morning the wind has backed into the NE and eased further as the high pressure system moves through.

The light winds and smooth seas provide for a good opportunity to continue fixing a few issues. This morning I reupholstered the quarter berth bunk board, replacing the torn vinyl with some acrylic canvas. Also, I replaced the barrel bolt that secures the bunk board in place with a heavier latch as the barrel bolt came adrift two days ago when I leant against the board a little too heavily.

This afternoon's job is to revisit the main solar panels. I still think they aren't charging at their correct capacity so intend to run a jury wire between the panels and the batteries to see if I can obtain more current from them. If I can then I intend to replace the existing wire completely to eliminate any unseen issues - definitely a fair weather job.

All is well.