Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 9 Feb 2016 20:15
Noon Position: 19 01.7 N 124 35.8 W
Course: West Speed: 5 knots
Wind: North nor' east, F3 gentle breeze
Sea: slight Swell: north east 1 meter
Weather: partly cloudy, mild
Day's run: 124 nm

A pleasant overnight sail, beam reaching, four knots, uneventful, allows opportunity to meditate upon a bit of ethereal Rilke:

Oh and night: there is night, when a wind full of infinite space
gnaws at our faces. Whom would it not remain for – that longed-after,
mildly disillusioning presence, which the solitary heart
so painfully meets. Is it any less difficult for lovers?
But they keep using each other to hide their own fate.
Don't you know yet? Fling the emptiness out of your arms
into the spaces we breathe; perhaps the birds
will feel the expanded air with more passionate flying.

Rainer Maria Rilke, from the Duino Elegies.

Pretty. Tomorrow I will try for something a little lighter.

All is well.