Almost There

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 23 Sep 2010 00:23

20.00 Position: 33 16.4 S 071 56.9 W
Course 030 Speed 5 knots
Wind: South sou‘ west, F3, gentle breeze
Weather: Sunny, mild
Day’s Run: 159 miles

We have enjoyed a fresh following breeze for the last 24 hours and consequently have posted a good day’s run, 159 miles. Sylph has been running square, wing on wing the whole way. Last night as the wind freshened I put a reef in the mainsail which eased the load on the windvane without reducing our speed significantly and early this morning we had to gybe as the wind was gradually backing and edging us out to sea. At night we have enjoyed a brilliant full moon, the sea sparkling silver, and during the day bright sunshine in an almost cloudless sky, the sea a deep dark blue feathered with numberless white caps, the breeze refreshingly cool. Indeed a very pleasant sail.

Valparaiso is now only 30 miles away, the wind is starting to fade so I won’t try to predict our arrival time, but certainly by morning I would hope.

All is well.

Bob Cat:

So far so good, all had been relatively calm, rolling around a bit but not sufficiently to disturb my meditations. The glut of tuna lasted precisely one day and it seems has now dried up again, back to the hard tack. Not to worry, now back to …. zzzzzzzzzzz