Photos - Indian Ocean

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 5 Dec 2002 23:57
At anchor Cocos Keeling Islands:
m_Cocos Keeling I a
m_Cocos Keeling - Cordelia
Rodriguez Island:
m_Rodgriguez - me
m_Rodriguez 5
m_Rodriguez 6
m_Mauritius 1
m_Mauritius 3
Port Louis.
Approaching the harbour:
m_Mauritius  - Pt Louis
International visitor’s dock:
m_Mauritius  - Pt Louis 2
Busy market:
m_Mauritius  - Pt Louis 5
Mark, Dutch solo sailor, skipper of Cornelia:
m_Mauritius  - Pt Louis Mark
Issie, Spanish solo sailor, a good friend, later lost in the South Atlantic:
m_Mauritius  - Pt Louis Issie
The hurricane hole, where Issie and I first met:
m_Mauritius  - Pt Louis  Hurricane Hole
Sylph sailing briskly after leaving Mauritius.  Next stop, Africa (photo courtesy of SV Gallivant):
m_IO - Sylph a