Arrived Valparaiso

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 22 Nov 2010 01:04

Position: 32 55.7 S 071 32.4 W
Arrived Valparaiso
Wind Northwest F1-2 light air to slight breeze
Weather: sunny , warm
Days Run: 53 miles. Ave Speed 2.8 knots

Last night was beautiful but for the fact that there was very little wind, the near full moon shone brightly through the broken cloud, the stars were out, the sea was smooth and a long low swell came in from the south. We managed to maintain steerage way for most of the night, dropping sail twice when the wind left us altogether, Sylph rolled slightly but enough to cause the sails to slat. This morning the wind picked up slowly, I changed back to the new working genoa before the wind freshened too much to make this little job that much more difficult and by early afternoon we were running square, jib poled out to starboard making good six to seven knots. Once around the headland protecting Bahia Concon I furled the jib, rounded up behind its lee, started the engine, dropped the mainsail and motored the short distance into the Club de Yates de Higuerilla’s marina. The berth we have been assigned this time is much more comfortable then when we were here a couple of weeks back, with no noticeable surge making my approach into the mooring much easier. We will be here for about a week I expect, the replacement credit card is supposed to be here already but the office is closed until Tuesday. The new addition to Sylph’s crew, Martina, arrives on Thursday which I am very excited about. I doubt whether she will have quite BC’s taciturn nature but maybe if she stays awhile she might get the hang of it.

All is well.