Weekly Progress Report 5

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 5 Apr 2020 06:55

This week has gone pretty much according to plan. The bilges under the fuel tanks are now painted out and are waiting for the tanks to be refurbished before any further progress can be made here so, as per last week’s post, I have turned my attention to the V-berth area. This has involved stripping away the lining on the starboard side to reveal the hull plating. As I had feared, there is a significant corrosion problem due to water ingress in the cable locker over time. More cutting and welding! Unfortunately this job has now made Sylph pretty much uninhabitable; however, fortunately, Kate has done a great job of tidying up her truck so as to provide alternate quarters for however long it takes me to get Sylph back in some semblance of order again.

Freshly painted bilge:


The V-berth in pieces:



All is well.