Departed Newcastle

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 18 Nov 2019 02:07

Noon Position: 33 05.3 S   151 45.5 E
Course: SSW   Speed: 5 knots
Wind: East, F4-moderate breeze
Sea: slight.  Swell: SE 2 meters
Weather: clear & warm
Day’s run: 10 nm

Our Newcastle mission has been accomplished and we are now underway again. Next stop, Sydney.

The reason for our visit to Newcastle was to rendezvous with my old ship, the STS Young Endeavour, and one of her ex-youth crew, Richard Forshaw, who sailed with me some 25 years ago on one of my early voyages as relief Commanding Officer. His son, Connor, was joining Young Endeavour for a voyage departing from Newcastle yesterday so it was quite a memorable visit.  I got to look over my old ship again, chat with the current skipper, Captain Kenny, and his crew, reminisce with Richard over times past, and look over the next generation of voyagers.  I was also impressed to see how well Young Endeavour has been maintained over the last couple of decades. In fact, she looked in better condition then while I was in command. With a little luck, she will be providing young Australians with an adventure under sail for a few more generations to come.

But the older generation, Sylph and her greying crew, hopefully also have a few adventures left in them. “Where next?”, I hear you ask. Stay tuned.

All is well.