No Show

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 1 Feb 2014 10:30
Position: Alongside Wadamari Ko
Wind: East F4 moderate breeze
Weather: cloudy, mild

Today proved a bit of a let down. I had planned my morning around Eijiro turning up around eleven or twelve as he said he would, so only did a small amount of painting. At about 9.30 the man from the computer shop turned up with his wife and two daughters, and handed me back my netbook and told me he was unable to fix it, the problem was too difficult. He did not charge me anything so I have no complaints, and it was a pleasure to show his family over the boat. Of course RC was a bit of an attraction. After they had left I returned to my painting.
At eleven I started cleaning up. At 12.30 Eijiro still had not shown up so I had some lunch and did a little reading. At two I started trying to back up files from my netbook with the view to rebooting the whole operating system to see if that might fix the problem. Come three I went to the library to use their internet, thinking I would ring Eijiro from town to let him know where I was, but when I got to the library I was told that their wi-fi was down until Monday, so I returned to the boat. At 4.30, with still no sign of Eijiro, I went to the supermarket for some supplies and rang him to see what was going on. He apologised, said he had had to work and could not come to see me, but would be at my boat at five when he finished working.
He drove up just as I got back to Sylph wearing a face mask. He once more apologised and said he was suffering from a stomach ache. I assumed this meant that yesterday's invitation to dinner was also to be cancelled. I invited him below. We discussed my plans, the weather and when I was leaving. I have no idea what the change in Eijiro's circumstances was about, and sensed that the reasons he gave were but polite excuses. After about half an hour of small talk I told Eijiro I would not keep him any further and we said farewell. He said he might come down at ten to see if I am still here. The weather is not looking great for a departure to head north tomorrow so it is possible. And apparently we are in for some heavy rain, and sailing in the rain is not something that I enjoy. On the other hand the wind is supposed to be favourable in the morning so I shall have a closer look at the situation this evening and perhaps think about an early departure. There is no hurry, we shall see.
All is well.