Strike Three?

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 9 Sep 2009 11:36
Position: Still here at anchor in Cascaix
Wind: Calm
Weather: overcast, showers, humid

I got the visa application in for Brazil this morning which should be ready to be picked up tomorrow. I had to be a bit pushy with the man at the door, initially he wanted me to go to the back of the queue, then started dealing with other people and ignoring me. Well I just waited a moment then pushed right back in there and explained my case to him, after which he let me in. Unpleasant, but not much else I could do I am afraid. Once upstairs to the second floor away from the crowd everything was a lot calmer. Visa application all very efficiently processed. The clerk wanted some proof of income, says a credit card will do. I look dumbly at him, I should have thought of this, "Er, I am afraid I don't have one on me." He accepts my New South Wales drivers licence instead, very flexible of him I thought, for the moment relieved. "That will be 35 euros," asks the clerk. I look in my wallet, 32. Euros and 73 cents. Bother!

All of which leads me onto my three strikes for the day. I knew there would be a fee for the visa but wasn't sure how much, so I decided to stop at an auto-teller on the way in to the consulate and get some extra cash. First I stopped at a machine by the train station in Cascais and managed to key in the wrong PIN. "That's odd, what is my PIN?" I decide to get on the train, it will come to me. Once in town I try again, I stare blankly at the keypad, for the life of me I am sure I know the numbers but it just doesn't feel right and sure enough, third go I lose the card. So now I am in a jam and hence the dumb look afore to mentioned.

Back to the consulate, from there I had to go and find a money exchanger, fortunately I had some US dollars on me, so I changed those into Euros and went back to the consulate and paid for the visa. Well one problem pretty much sorted out but now I possibly have a worse one to deal with. No card, no money . . . and you can't get very far without any money. Well obviously I shall have to get a new card issued. I wonder how long this is going to take.

Back in Cascais I look around, why am I being held up in Cascais of all places?

All is well (for now)

Bob Cat:

As long as I get fed and have a comfortable place to sleep I am happy. Cascais is it? As good as anywhere for me. . . . Zzzzzzzz.