Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 14 Jul 2010 23:57

Position: Club Nautico Reloncavi, Puerto Montt
Weather: Partly cloudy, cool - no rain!

We have enjoyed an unprecedented run of sunshine and most importantly no rain over the past few days. I have been working hard to make the most of it but progress is frustratingly slow - lots of tiring and monotonous sanding and fairing. Tomorrow I hope to get the first coat of primer on the starboard side of the topsides, but I have barely begun sanding back the port side of the hull. The sunshine is supposed to continue for the next couple fo days so with a little luck and perseverance will at least get the first coat of primer on the hull finished before the rain sets in again.

All is well.

Bob Cat:

An unprecedented period of stillness has descended upon my abode, I would almost think we had moved ashore. And a few sun baths in the cockpit of late, have good times arrived at last? Now if the skipper could just get the food sorted, indeed all would be … zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.