Departed Valparaiso

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 4 Dec 2010 00:19

20.00 Position: 32 36.8 S 071 38.1 W
Course: 350 Speed: 5 knots
Wind West Sou’ west F3 Gentle Breeze
Weather: Sunny, mild

We had planned on getting underway this morning but the yacht club had not yet received the zarpe and when the secretary tried to charge us an additional day at the marina on the assumption that the zarpe would not come through today Martina and I decided it would be best to go to see the Port Captain ourselves. While it meant a lengthy bus trip into Valparaiso after a 20 minute wait we had this essential piece of paper in hand, then enjoyed lunch in town, made out way back to Sylph and were underway at 17.00. Now we have a pleasant breeze blowing over the port quarter, a moderate swell is causing Sylph to roll a little, the full water tanks gurgle gently, the ocean swishes past outside, and my new companion is keeping watch while I contemplate the luxury of three hours sleep.

All is well.

_/) ~~~~_/)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_/)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*~