A Busy Week

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 25 Apr 2021 21:55
Position: 35 13.56 S 174 11.22 E 
At anchor Whaiwhapuka Bay, Bay of Islands 
Wind: calm Sea: calm Swell: nil 
Weather: mostly sunny, mild 

It has been a busy week since our arrival in the Bay of Islands. On Tuesday and Wednesday I caught up with two quite amazing ladies who I feel privileged to now call my friends: Annie Hill, author of the small boat classic, “Voyaging on a Small Income” and builder of her recently launched junk rigged Fan Shi; and Shirley, long distance single-handed voyager and owner of the classic junk rigged Virtue 26, Speedwell of Hong Kong. On Wednesday afternoon I motored over to Te Ti Bay with the intention of anchoring there overnight to be ready to pick up some guest for a day sail the next day; however, unfortunately the swell that invaded the bay would have made anchoring there for the night very uncomfortable, so I aborted the idea and returned to Matauwhi Bay. On our return I found Phil and Rosy in Blue Hound at anchor there, friends we had made while hauled out in Docklands 5 in Whangarei. So, of course, a visit for a bit of a gam was mandatory. 

On Thursday I picked up Kate and Natasha and Natasha’s sons, Judd and Eli from Whaitangi. From there, with nary a puff of wind, we proceeded under motor to Motuarohia Island where we anchored for the night. We had a full afternoon with the Natasha’s boys keeping us well occupied. We swam and snorkelled, fished, rowed and sailed Sylph’s dinghy, and in the evening after dinner played a board game around the saloon table. On Friday, after a morning swim, we motored back to Whaitangi in the rain, where we disembarked all but Oli and me. Sylph has never had so many people on board all at once, at least not in my period of caring for her. It was certainly a dramatic change of pace for me and one I enjoyed very much but I was glad that it was only for 24 hours. 

In the afternoon, Kate rejoined me and Oli at the Bay of Islands Marina where we stayed for Friday and Saturday night to allow for a bit of a rest, some boat chores including filling Sylph’s water tanks, and a pleasant evening meal at the Bay of Islands Cruising Yacht Club. This morning we departed the marina and sailed in the light south-west breeze to Moturua Island where we anchored in five meters of water at 1340. After a short siesta, I broke out the hooker gear and spent an hour in the water scrubbing off the slime that had built up on Sylph’s bottom since her return to the water last October. 

And this evening it was lasagne for dinner accompanied by a glass of wine, a movie, and now it is time for a little sleep. 

All is well.