Happy Independence Day

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 4 Jul 2009 21:21
Position: 51 41.73 N 008 31.37 W
At anchor Kinsale
Wind: Southwest, light breeze
Weather: partly cloudy, occasional shower

We made Baltimore late Thursday evening, motoring the last few miles in the fading breeze. Enquiries the next day revealed that there was no one in Baltimore to do the repairs I needed, but nonetheless a delightful stop. This morning I decided I had best be on my way again, not being an early riser these days we got away about 10.30 a.m. and were soon barrelling along at six to seven knots with a nice fresh south-westerly just abaft the beam. It made such a nice change from the headwinds we have been having so much of lately. I was aiming for Crosshaven which is at the entrance to Cork Harbour, I know I can get the rigging repaired there. But as we were sailing along and I was looking at the detail of getting in, I found there were no suitable anchorages, the marinas are expensive and we would have arrived very late. Having a closer look at the chart a place called Kinsale offered itself as an alternative and with a bit of research in the two cruising guides I decided to try here, it having the distinct advantage of being able to get to anchor at a civilised hour. One of the guides indicates that there is a chandlery here, a number of sizable marinas and associated services so I am hopeful I will be able to get the repairs done. We will find out tomorrow.

If they can be done I will stay for a few days. There is a bus into the city of Cork so hopefully things will fall into place, fix the rigging, see a bit of Cork and save a few pennies to boot.

One nice thing about sailing this part of the world is there is always an anchorage or two within a day's sail, nice to be able to get some regular sleep in but the down side is it makes for slow progress, I am going to have to put in a long sail up ahead soon. If I get everything I need done here I may make the next sail a jump to Dublin.

For my American friends - Happy Independence Day. Unfortunately I got in too late to fly the Stars 'n Stripes to mark the occasion.

Bob Cat:

A better than average day today, the gentle swaying of the bunk provided a most somnolent setting for a good day's work, and some tuna for dinner. May there be many more days like it - one lives in eternal hope.

After such a successful day it must be time for a good night's sleep. Zzzzzz.

All is well.