St Kilda

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 3 Jul 2012 05:35

Position: 37 51.58 S 144 57.79 E
At anchor off St Kilda
Wind: SSW F2, gentle breeze
Weather: partly cloudy, cool
Day's run: 22 nm

Over the last several days we have been criss-crossing back and forth across Port Phillip looking for shelter from the changing wind conditions, and today we sailed back to Melbourne. With the wind light and mostly in the south we found shelter behind the St Kilda breakwater. Once settled I hurried ashore to meet my brother John in the city then, after an ale (or a vino in my case), we made tracks for Mark's place where we had a very pleasant family evening with Mon, Isabella and Archer.

I left Mark's place about 10.30 or so to make my way back to the boat but unfortunately the soporific affect of the alcohol I had consumed, the lateness of the hour and the train travel sent me to sleep and I woke up pretty much back where I had started. Bother! That made for a long night, but we eventually got back on board at 1.30 am.

All is well.