Grassy Harbour

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 22 Feb 2013 07:21
1700 Position: 42 07.0 S 145 05.6 E
At anchor Grassy Harbour, King Island
Wind: East nor' east F5 strong breeze
Sea: rough Swell: East 2 meters (outside the Harbour)
Weather: overcast, mild
Day’s run: 139 nm

We enjoyed a very pleasant sail overnight but as we approached the northwest corner of Tasmania the wind started to freshen and the seas started to get rougher. I managed to catch a scratchy forecast on the VHF radio which confirmed that the wind was going to back into the northeast and strengthen further which did not sound at all pleasant. Consequently I decided to head for the shelter of Grassy Harbour on King Island where we have just arrived. Our arrival here marks the completion of our circumnavigation of Tasmania. At least this little ambition will no longer be nagging me.
I think RC gives the idea of anchoring in Grassy Harbour a big paws up. He was obviously feeling a little ordinary for a while. At one stage he was leaning out with both paws and head sticking over the lee cloth of the bunk, very much in the pose of many a young green sailor I have seen leaning out over the guard rail, including myself a long, long time ago. I put a chux down on the deck beneath him but it looked like he wanted to get down, presumably to use the kitty heads. I helped him onto the deck and he made a bee line for his cat tray. Now for the sake of habitability RC's heads are completely enclosed including a flap door. I thought if he is feeling a bit green then the confines of the kitty heads isn't going to do him much good. Sure enough he emerged several moments later, threw up on the chux I had put on the deck, and then climbed back into his bunk. I have to say I give him ten out of ten for cleanliness.
All is settled now that we are behind the shelter of the Grassy Harbour breakwater. The wind will back into the south probably on Monday so we will continue on our way to Melbourne then.
This morning I managed to chip a tooth which definitely needs the attention of a dentist. I suspect I might be in for another crown. Bother! I blame my gluten free diet. Nonetheless . . .
All is well.