Saturday 12 July: Communications Worsen

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 12 Jul 2014 21:28
Position: 52 15.4 N 176 27.9 W
Course: East nor' east Speed: 4 knots
Wind: North west, F3 gentle breeze
Sea: slight Swell: north west 2 m
Weather: overcast, patches of fog, cold
Days run: 119 nm

It would seem that the modem in the satphone is kaput, at least I think that
is the most likely explanation for the communications issues I am having.
The voice side of the phone still works but the data side has degraded to
the point of being unusable. At least the voice side still works and,
assuming that today's attempts in making a data connection will be no more
successful than yesterday's, I will give my sister Jenny, and my friend
Sylvia a ring tomorrow to let them know all is well.

Conditions remain favourable for pressing on so we have skipped Sweepers
Cove, where I would not have been allowed to go ashore in any event, and
have set our sights for Dutch Harbor. If the winds remain favourable and
barring any misadventures we should arrive on Thursday 17.

All is well.