Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 14 Apr 2019 05:59

Position: 41 19.26 S  147 00.30 E
Alongside Rosevears Public Pontoon
Wind: calm  Sea: calm. Swell: nil
Weather: clear, mild
Day’s run:  8 nm

The plan for today was to motor to Gravelly Beach to check out the haul-out facilities there.  To that end we weighed anchor at slack low water at 1330 to catch the making tide up the river. It was another beautiful day for motoring with mostly sunny skies and serenely calm air and water. The river banks glided past with their near perfect reflection in the water’s mirror-like surface.  Once we got to Gravelly Beach, however, the scenery did not look quite so nice with lots of mud and rock exposed due to the low tide and the pontoon where we had hoped to tie up looking too shallow to take Sylph’s modest 1.8 meter draft.  We were able to see the haul out facility from on board and could establish it they were likely too basic to accommodate what I was hoping to achieve during this particular maintenance period.  So, mission accomplished, we decided to push on a little further up the river to Windermere.  An hour later we were approaching the narrow section of the river with the very small settlement of Windermere to port and the slightly larger settlement of Rosevears to starboard, each with a public pontoon.  Looking through the binoculars we could see a church on the left-hand Windermere side adjacent the pontoon and on the right-hand Rosevears’ side adjacent its pontoon we could see a pub.  “Hmm, which side?” I asked Kate. 

No prizes for guessing which side we have ended up on.

All is well.