Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 31 Jul 2007 15:20

Noon Position:  46 33.5 N  053 32.7 W

Course: 000, Speed: 5 knots

Wind: South 15 knots

Daily Run:  88 miles

Average speed: 4.2 knots


It sure would be nice to get one full day of a fresh breeze to give Sylph a chance to show some better daily runs then we have been posting.  Some wind of course did come last night.  At about 10 p.m. I felt a zephyr on my cheek as Sylph rolled to starboard.  I stood up and scanned the air, sure enough our flag was starting to flutter, facing to the south I could definitely feel the start of a breeze.  I waited a few moments to ensure I wasn’t being deceived, no it had the feel of something more solid coming (and the forecast was predicting 20 knots after all).  So it was up sail again and ten minutes later we were heeling slightly, the sails curving to the light breeze, and hearing the musical tinkle of water passing along the hull as we built up speed to a very satisfying two knots.  By midnight the mainsail was reefed down and we were making good six knots.  Not that we really needed the reef but I was about to go off watch and with the forecast for the winds to freshen further it seemed a wise precaution.  At 3 a.m. this morning we were well round Cape Race at last and bore away to the north, running wing and wing.  It has been an excellent night’s sail.

Now we are some 5 miles off the coast with only a few more miles to St Johns.  Visibility is pretty good for a change, I can see the coast, or rather I can see some mountains behind the coast, showing above the fog that seems ever to shroud this place.  Well I must be attending to some navigation and sail handling so until tomorrow, hopefully with some good news about engine parts.