Back at Edithburgh

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 8 Nov 2021 04:19
Position: 35 05.82 S 137 44.94 E
Moored RSAYS Mooring
Wind: SW, F4
Weather: sunny, mild
Day’s run: 24 nm

We ended up motoring most of the way to Edithburgh but in keeping with its reputation as a windy town, the wind picked up just as we were making the final approach. I was happy to have some respite from the engine and to be able to sail the last few miles onto the RSAYS mooring; however, it also meant that we were unable to go ashore for a pub meal as intended.

This morning the wind had eased and we made the most of the calmer conditions by rowing ashore, exploring the township a little and having lunch at the Troubridge Hotel. Now we are back on board and the wind has picked up again.

Tomorrow we will aim to get underway early to make our way back to Adelaide, hopefully in time for dinner.

All is well.