Emu Bay

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 8 Jan 2023 09:58
Position: 35 35.00 S 137 32.92 E
At Anchor Emu Bay, Kangaroo Island
Wind: SW F5
Sea: slight Swell: negligible
Weather: sunny, warm
Day's Run: 17.4 nm

This morning again dawned calm and fine. With the calm conditions I took the opportunity to go over the side and give the hull a scrub. There is some rather tenacious green algae growing along the waterline as well as some lighter algae growing in patches on the hull. However, while the algae along the waterline needs a scraper to remove, fortunately the algae below the waterline is not so firmly attached and was quite easy to scrub off with a scourer.
With calm conditions forecast for most of the day, I changed my plan from yesterday and rather than setting off for Adelaide today, I decided I would head for Emu Bay this afternoon then start heading back to Adelaide early Monday morning. There was still very little wind at midday, but I wanted to get to Emu Bay with plenty of daylight left so I could go for a jog along the Emu Bay's pristine beach. Consequently, at 1220 we weighed anchor and motored to pass south of 'The Spit'. A light E'ly breeze started to fill in as we passed the beacon marking the southern end of the Spit, and as we changed course to the north I was able to set sail and shut down the engine.
With the light breeze we made slow but steady progress, rounding Marsden Point at 1500. Here we fell into the headland's wind shadow and the wind, as well as dropping off, also headed us. So, with only a few miles to go, I handed sail, started the engine once more and motored the rest of the way to anchor in the eastern end of Emu Bay at 1645, where two other yachts were already bobbing to their anchors.
I have been for my jog and a swim, had dinner and now plan on having an early night. The wind has started to pick up and the forecast is for it to freshen further overnight so tomorrow we should have a smart run back up the Gulf.
All is well.