The Age of Sail - A Comeback?

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 11 Oct 2010 14:13
I know some people have been wondering what has become of me - we are still here in Valparaiso.  On Saturday I got my propane tank back, full, at an outragsous price but not much I can do about that.
Today I plan to get a zarpe from the Armada to go for a sail.  Not sure what they are going to think when I tell them I am not going anywhere, just off the coast and back again.  Weather doesn't look the greatest for a leisurely sail.
Came across this little piece today courtesy of the "Old Salt's Blog", an informative site for those interested in things maritime: 
I did a paper on commercial sail many years ago as part of an applied science diploma.  This was back in the mid 80s, and there were in fact drawings available back then for modern sailing cargo ships ready for when fuel prices would make them competitve again. Obviously very different ships from the old square riggers.  It will be wonderful to see a cloud of canvas reachng across the oceans again.  I hope I live to see it.
All is well.
Bob Cat.
No tuna, otherwise all is .....  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz