Red Cross Package Arrives

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 13 May 2014 12:06

Alongside Fukuoka
Weather: sunny, mild

There has not been much to report over the last few days, hence the lack of web log entries. It rained yesterday so this provided a good opportunity to visit the local laundromat and to catch up on some studies. Today the sun returned allowing repairs continue. I am just fairing and painting now, and getting close to being able to apply the final topcoats.

I received news this morning that there has been a minor delay in shipping the new wind vane. It is now expected to arrive on Monday. Not to worry, I realised today that the critical path for being ready to depart Fukuoka is actually obtaining a US visa for Alaska. I have my interview tomorrow morning at the US consulate, and in checking what I was required to take to the interview I found out that the processing takes between seven and fourteen days. I hope it will be closer to seven than fourteen otherwise I am going to end up well behind schedule.

This realisation dampened my spirits a little, but was well and truly offset with the receipt of a package from my sister. It contained ten Australian flags and four bags of muesli. I will at last be able to have something other than boiled rice and eggs for breakfast. Thank you Jenny.

And it is my youngest brother’s birthday today.  Happy birthday Mark.

All is well.