At Anchor Caleta Pan de Azucar

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Bob Williams
Sun 12 Dec 2010 23:11

Position: 26 08.40 S 070 39.62 W
At Anchor Caleta Pan de Azucar
Wind: Southwest F1 Gentle Air
Weather: Sunny, warm
Days Run: 22 miles

We have had another day of very light winds today. We sailed from anchor this morning just after eight, tacking out of the bay against a light nor’ westerly, hoping to make the most of the day but as we got offshore the wind failed to materialize and we were left drifting before a light sou’ westerly making less than two knots. We changed over to the light headsail around midday to reduce chafe as Sylph rolled to the ever present south westerly swell but by 16.00 I had given up on making the Caleta we were originally aiming for, still some 30 miles ot the north. Keen to be at anchor rather than drifting for the night (my motivation to spend all night in my bunk rather than at sea has suddenly increased just lately) we made for another cove, Caleta Pan de Azucar, which was tucked away behind an island only five miles away. We continued to drift in its general direction for another hour after which I gave up on any hope of even sailing this short distance before nightfall, started the engine and motored the remaining distance. As we rounded the headland a number of fishing boats lying on moorings became visible and some holiday shacks appeared tucked in behind the large rocky outcrop. We had to manoeuvre around the fishing boats to find a spot where we could squeeze Sylph in, eventually finding a patch with sufficient swinging room between two boats and the beach. The Caleta is far from ideal, being little more than an indentation in the coast line where a dried up river runs between the mountains to the north and the rocky headland to the south providing for a sandy shoaling bottom, and the small island lying a mile offshore provides a barrier to the swell. Despite this protection a noticeable swell still invades the cove, Sylph is bobbing around quite a bit and we can hear the surf breaking noisily on the beach only 100 meters astern of us. I shall be keeping a close eye on our position during the night.

All is well.

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