Still Here (Alderney)

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 20 Aug 2009 13:15
At anchor Braye Harbour, Alderney Island
Wind: West. strongt
Weather: Overcast, cool

By the time I stuck my head up out up out of the companionway this morning, about 7 a.m., my single handing neighbour had sailed. I was also hoping to sail today but as we are heading in the opposite direction I decided to wait for the tide to turn, due about 10.30. I looked at the sky, a long dark band of cloud lay across the western horizon. I pulled in a weather fax which showed a definite front approaching so further decided to wait for this to pass. The front went through at about midday, then of course the wind swung into the west, the direction I am trying to go in, and freshened significantly, it seemed prudent to wait a little longer for it to ease. Then we had a little drama with a large flash English boat dragging anchor and fouling a smaller English boat, just to windward of me, fortunately 'Sylph' escaped unscathed.

Now it is 3 p.m., the wind remains fresh from the west, I see little point in heading out and just getting bashed about in a strong headwind so probably will end up staying at anchor another night. Bother!

All is well.

Bob Cat

Another day confined to quarters, what an unjust world it is. Mind you it is a tad windy on deck. I take refuge as best I can .. Zzzzzz.