Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 13 Jun 2012 08:59

My biggest concern right now is trying to get some insurance for Sylph. Not easy for a 52 year old boat, especially when she is made of steel. If it wasn't for marinas and the like I wouldn't bother with it, though would like to at least have third party liability insurance if I could get it, as I do not want old Sylph putting any big holes in these lightweight plastic fantastic sisters of hers. The marina is owned and managed by the council, the manager wasn't in yesterday but the woman behind the council's counter repeated several times that I needed to bring in the insurance papers. I just told her I would bring them in tomorrow when the manager was in. I used to have some global third part insurance from a French company, a tad expensive but just what I needed for my travels, excepting, as far as I know, no one covers single-handers. This company mysteriously stopped covering me last year with no explanation and Christophe, my broker in France (doesn't that sound fancy?), is looking for someone else to cover me, but with no success so far. I have been asking around to try and find a company that will provide me with insurance but here also to date no success. A response I had from one friend was that he insures with “Photoshop”. Well, I am not so keen on this idea but in desperation I played around with my computer and printer and a bit of editing software and found the 'clone' tool works really well for editing a few dates. So yes, I have a 'Photoshopped' copy of a previous insurance document. I packed it into my bag today to go and see the manager and on the way up the hill argued it out with myself what I should do. I really do not like the idea of being a criminal, a forger and a fraud, not to mention a liar, and it being just plain wrong. When I got to the office the manager was out so I said to the woman behind the counter, “Don't worry, I will come back later today or tomorrow,” and left a little relieved that I could put off my moral quandary for another day. I have pretty much decided what I will do, I will face the music. It would be so easy just to present the forged document and walk away. The risk is minimal, but I have been 'brought up proper', my conscience well and truly programmed, so will just have to do what is right. Meanwhile I really have to get some proper insurance. I have a plan, part of the reason I am going to Sydney is so I can get the work done on Sylph to satisfy a surveyor (and myself), then pay someone to survey Sylph to say she is seaworthy so I can then buy some insurance. As I mentioned when I was last in Robe in early October last year the world is changing, it seems so quickly. I used to come here when there was no marina, just an old wall to tie up to, no fees, no questions, no insurance (but then, I also used to be able to get insurance).

I do my best. I think I might go see if there is a fire burning at that old pub.

All is well.