Departed Coffs Harbour

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 26 Jun 2019 04:48

Noon Position: 30 16.1 S  153 13.6 E
Course: 010   Speed 6.5 knots
Wind:  SSW  F4. Moderate breeze
Sea: moderate  Swell: SSE 2 meters
Weather: cloudy, showers, mild

We enjoyed a pleasant stopover in Coffs Harbour with Kate’s big sister, Beverly, calling in from Armidale for two nights. And yesterday afternoon Déjà Vu pulled in, so it has been a relatively social two days. However, we are keen to continue on our way in order to make the family rendezvous in Townsville in early August.  So, this morning we topped up the fresh water tanks and cast off the dock lines at 11.00.  Our next stop is Southport, that crazy surreal waterway full of theme parks.

All is well.