Shoreside Week Eight

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 21 Aug 2022 11:18
Position: Alongside RSAYS, Outer Harbour, Adelaide
Weather: mostly sunny, cool

As reported last week, the engine is back in and running. When reconnecting the instruments I discovered that there was a problem with the alternator which I eventually isolated to corroded brushes. I tried replacing the brushes but came to the conclusion that their was significant corrosion within the alternator and in the long run it would be best to simply replace it. Fortunately the replacement alternator was not too expensive so that problem is now fixed. I also encountered some problems with air getting into the fuel but I believe I have worked out the cause of this problem and hopefully have resolved it also. Time will tell.
This coming week my goal is to install the new forestay. Once done we will actually be able to go for a sail.
The ship's cat purrs and ...
All is well.