Heading Back to Whangarei

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 27 Apr 2021 05:02
1600 Position: 35 13.0 S 174 24.0 E 
Course: SSE Speed: 5.5 knots 
Wind: E F1 Sea: slight Swell: N 0.5 meter 
Weather: mostly sunny with passing showers, mild 
Day’s Run: 25 nm 

Our unusually hectic social life continued apace, at least for another day, with a farewell party for Shirley and Speedwell of Hong Kong on board Annie’s boat, Fan Shi, last night in Motuawhai Bay. Shirley will be departing New Zealand for Fiji tomorrow provided her Covid tests come back negative, which presumably they will otherwise our little soiree in the confines of Annie’s compact saloon might prove to be a bit of a problem. 

This morning, after my customary morning dip, we weighed anchor and motored back to Opua where we came alongside the fuel dock. Here we topped up the tanks and Kate disembarked to attend a medical appointment in the afternoon. Once I had finished fuelling, Kate cast off Sylph’s lines and we motored into the clear air of the Bay of Islands and set sail to pleasant westerly breeze. 

Initially we made good time, making good about 6.5 knots but since rounding Motukokaku Island and turning south, a thunderhead dropped a bit of rain on us and left us wallowing in a calm. So now we are motoring and hoping some useable wind will return soon. We are heading back to Whangarei for the Oli’s final vet visit before clearing out, but that isn’t until Monday, so we intend to stop off at Tutukaka on the way. With a little luck we will arrive around 2100 to rendezvous for an evening with Kate tomorrow and then, if the weather permits, we will continue on to Whangarei on Thursday. 

All is well.