Change of Plan

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 14 Apr 2024 04:00

Moored Rushcutters Bay, Port Jackson
Wind: N, F3 - light breeze
Sea: rippled Swell: nil
Weather: sunny, warm

An important oversight on my part when making this year's plan was the fact that my sister, Jenny, turns 60 this year and will be celebrating the event in Adelaide in late June. Naturally, I do not want to miss out on celebrating this milestone in Jenny's life. Accordingly, I have been reviewing my plans and have decided upon a slight modification.

I have investigated various options for getting back to Adelaide. First was to continue north then berth Sylph in a marina and board Oli at a cattery, making my way back to Adelaide by plane, train or bus. The air option has to be discounted straight away as I have signed a pledge not to fly as part of my tiny contribution to slowing global warming. Train and bus options are expensive and complicated so the final preferred option is to sail back to Adelaide for the birthday celebration then continue with my original plan and sail up to Townsville to visit my brother and his family. The advantages of this last option is that it is relatively simple and inexpensive, I do not have to board Oli anywhere, and it involves lots of sailing.

I have a fair bit of time between now and the 22nd of June, so I am working on a more detailed plan for when and how I get back to Adelaide. More on this later.

All is well.