Some Wind!

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 29 Jul 2008 15:55
Position: 67 35.6 N 054 11.2 W
Course: 000 Speed: 5.5 knots
Wind: South, moderate breeze!
Weather: Sunny with fog overtaking

We sailed for a bit, we drifted for a bit and we even motored for a bit.
Yester-evening it was as calm as glass, sea state zero, wind force zero. I
motored for about an hour just before midnight hoping we might find a little
wind but 'twas not to be, so I gave up and slept while the boat drifted. At
six a puff of wind was felt so up sails and now it has strengthened and
veered, we are running square wing on wing, mainsail out broad on one side
and the jib poled out the other, cracking six knots. We haven't done that
for a while. The fog played with us for a while yesterday but never really
set in so at least we could see where we were drifting, and I haven't seen
an iceberg since leaving Sisimiut. But now with the southerly the fog has
crept up on us from astern and it seems will probably be with us for a
while. I had a good look around before we were enveloped in the stuff and
there is nothing major ahead of us for at least a few miles, I can relax for
the moment but soon will have to be keeping a near continuous lookout.
Making it to Disko Bay is looking good again, though as we get closer
icebergs are definitely going to become a problem again also, hopefully the
fog will lift by then.

All is well.

Bob Cat:

What happened to the sunshine? Here I was putting in a bit of overtime out
on the patio and all of a sudden my nice dark coat, it rather sparkles in
the sunshine you know, went from being all warm to being all damp. Skipper!