The Package has Arrived

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 4 Feb 2021 10:42

Alongside Otago Yacht Club, Dunedin
Wind: NE, F2  Sea: calm.  Swell: nil
Weather: clear, cool

Yesterday, with news that the Hydrovane parts had cleared New Zealand customs, we moved back alongside the Otago Yacht Club so that we would be here when they arrived and could waste no time in getting Sylph ready for sea again. Which was just as well as they arrived this morning at 1100. I promptly got to work reattaching the windvane to the transom. I have made good progress and with a bit of luck might have it finished tomorrow, but I want to make sure that it is attached properly. Certainly, I do not want to rush the work and regret it later.

Meanwhile, Oli is getting far too familiar with the terrain of the Yacht Club. He went ashore without a leave pass earlier and I have spent much of the evening, flashlight in hand, searching for him. I returned on board a few moments ago in case he had returned while I was searching. He hadn’t, but a few moments later I heard the thud of his paws hitting the deck. The storm boards are now in and we are secured for the night.

All is well.